Welcome to Magap

Magap srl was born in 1967 as a wholesaler company. Our mission is focused on buying, selling and distributing stocks of consumer goods. Magap srl mainly trades toiletries, household goods, cosmetics and perfumes.

For over 30 years we have been distributing household products, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics.

Since 1967, Magap has been distributing toiletries, household goods, cosmetics and perfumes. Our company operates both in a B2B market and with costumers having a VAT number.

Magap provides a complete service, starting from the preparation of orders, and deliveries’ organization. In 1967 Magap started its business as wholesaler of household goods and toiletries.

In the 80’s expanded its offers by trading cosmetics and perfumes. In the 90’s established its business in Europe as well. In the following years, our business strategy has changed by mainly dealing with stocks of goods. In this way our company could buy a vast range of branded products at lower prices, giving its clients the opportunity to be extremely competitive.

Our strategy

Our strategy is based on the distribution of branded products at competitive prices as they derive from overproduction, packaging change or advertising barter.